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Diwali Diet And Health Tips: It is easy to stay healthy on Diwali, Jaquelin Frek suggests ways to eat healthy during the festival

Jaquelin Frek told how people should choose what kind of foods for gifting and eating during festivals.


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Diwali Diet And Health Tips

Diwali Diet And Health Tips: ‘The festival of Diwali (Diwali 2021) is near and in such a situation people have started shopping for sweets, namkeen, dryfruits and all those things which make the festival great and better.

The festival of Deepawali is an opportunity to feed people and taste the dishes themselves and people also enjoy it with full joy. But, after eating a lot of feasts during festivals, people start worrying about weight gain after festivals.

Celebrity dietician and nutritionist Jaquelin Frek says that people make some food-related mistakes and start gaining weight. But, during festivals, if the right way, natural and traditional things are chosen, then health can also benefit and can also avoid the consumption of unhealthy-packaged foods.

Recently, Jaquelin Frek started a special series on her Instagram page, under which she gives some important tips related to healthy eating and healthy living during Diwali every day. Jaquelin Frek told during this episode how people should choose the type of food for gifting and food during festivals. (Diwali Diet And Health Tips In Hindi)

When to give Diwali gift to someone

Homemade Sweets

Gifts are exchanged between people on any festival. Even on the special occasion of Diwali, people gift sweets, chocolates and other sweet things to their friends, relatives and neighbors. Jaquelin Frek says that while giving gifts, such gifts should be given in which your feelings and affection for the person in front are shown.

Jaquelin Frek recommends gifting traditional home-cooked sweets and delicacies to loved ones and relatives as Diwali gifts, which are mixed with the finest quality dry fruits, ghee and other nutritious ingredients. (Diwali Diet And Health Tips)

dry fruits are the best

At the same time, if you want to give gifts to any of your colleagues or co-workers, then you can give them black raisins or dry fruits like Black Raisins and cashews which can be stored for a long time and can be consumed by them. There can be many benefits to the body.

Raisins help in removing anemia and weakness. Along with this, it also relieves problems like constipation and bloating. Similarly, cashew is a low-cholesterol food that can relieve stress and can also relieve stress. Along with controlling blood pressure, it can prove to be a healthy snack for people of all ages.

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