Are we know about India vs china Weapon Power and Economy

During this standoff we know that china is more powerful than pakistan and it’s a bitter truth of present scenario .

See out some figure –

India vs china Weapon Power and Economy

China gdp is 15 trillion dollars India gdp is 3 trillion dollars

China have more than 100 submarine and india have 20-25 submarine

they have 5-7 aircraft carrier till 2035 and we will have just 3 if all work wil going on path beyond it they have large amount of foriegn reserve around 3 trillion and india have just 590 billion doller they have better connect to their border area and we are working on it . So these all data show that he is more powerful than us bt we can’t stay clam and petty so we should work on our strength

Way forwerd- india have experience to war over high altitude but china have not these type of experience
We should focus on our infra projects near border area as well as our mainland india to boost our economy because all depend on money

Some more fact we have about china and india

China have largest embassies in the world (276) but india have just only 152 .here u think about that how embassy can help in intrest of country . They help a lot bcoz it’s provide reach to the local people’s of that country their business their culture sharing progress and many other factors so on .


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