Lottery Sambad Results 27.11.2020 Today 4pm 8pm লটারিসংবাদ

The results of the Sambad lottery will be released every morning, day and 12 o’clock in the evening, 4 pm and 8 pm at the best time of the day. The Sambad lottery today is the best day in Sambad today. Today’s friend is November 27, 2020. Today’s lottery will be the real Sambad lottery result. Here you will get the results of the morning and day.

Lottery Sambad results today: 4:00 PM
Lottery Sambad results today: 4:00 PM

Lottery Sambad results today

You can speak Bengali লটারীসংবাদ and here we publish the results at 12 noon, 4 pm and 8 pm. Become rich and friends waiting for the perfect time ticket price is only 6 rupees, and the first price is 1 crore rupees, the results will be released at 12:10 pm, 4:10 pm and 8:10 pm, here you can also Get the lottery sambad live draw and old lottery sambad results, get ready for today’s lottery. Lottery Sambad results today: 4:00 PM Other Sambad results are called Sikkim Lottery, West Bengal Lottery and Nagaland Lottery, also known as Bodolan Lottery Results, Sambad Lottery

Lottery Sambad results today: 4:00 PM

Check the results of the Sikkim State Lottery today and Lottery Sambad Results on this page at 4:00 this afternoon. The Sikkim lottery is one of the most famous and popular lotteries in India. You must check today’s result of the Sikkim State Lottery here immediately. Keep in touch with us to check the results of the Sikkim State Lottery online. Lottery Sambad results. Sambad lottery results are online.

State nameLottery Sambad
Name of LotteryDear Evening Lottery
Draw Date27.11.2020 ( 27 November 2020 )
Draw Fix Time04.00PM Today Evening
Category of LotteryLottery Sambad Result
Results StatusPanding
1st Prize of AwardRs- 50/- Lakhs

Each of you can get lucky draw results on our website on today’s results, old results, and yesterday’s results. Inspiring people who are late brings time, so you must keep quiet. If you get the lottery result here today, please click on the link given above. Good luck to your lottery result. Those who are keen on Sambad lottery results have been educated, they can download and view all Sambad lottery results at a specified time.

Stay with us to get Sambad lottery results. You can also see the past results of the Sambad lottery. This page will also provide you with tips for the Sambad lottery. We will also give you the samba lottery character paper. For more data about the Sambad lottery, you can contact us with your inquiry.

Lottery Sambad results today at 4pm

The lottery Sambad was actually held in West Bengal at 4pm. The 4pm lottery Sambad has nothing to do with Nagaland. Compared with the Moring Lottery Sambad at 11 am, fewer participants participated in the Sambad Lottery at 4 pm.

Dear Lottery Sambad 2020

If you want to test your luck and buy the Nagaland National Lottery Sambad tickets, then you are thinking about it correctly and you have visited the correct web page. The Sambad Lottery gives you a first prize of Rs 5.5 million. If you win the Sambad lottery game today, your daily life may change. The ticket price of the Nagaland National Lottery is only 11 rupees, which everyone can afford.

So let us check the results of the dear lottery Sambad 27.11.2020 (27.11.2020) Nagaland Lottery on this website. You can also watch Lottery Sambad live match results or Aajtak Lottery Sambad live match 27.11.2020 (27.11.2020) here. Lottery Sambad results today: 4:00 PM

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Results November 27 | 4 PM

The results of the Nagaland daily lottery Sambad will be announced at 4:00 pm every day. Get all the latest dear valuables results, announcements and updates on November 27th here.

Nagaland is one of the 13 states that have the right to host legal lotteries. The morning lottery samba in Nagaland is very popular. People in Nagaland and its surrounding areas have a great opportunity to try their luck and win a lot of cash. The ticket price of the Nagaland Lottery is 6 rupees. The Nagaland Lottery is managed by the Nagaland State Lottery Administration.

Nagaland Lottery Sambad: Important things to remember

The Nagaland State Lottery was played at P. R. Hill Junction in Kohima-797001. The Nagaland Lottery is owned and managed by the director of the Nagaland State Lottery Company. If you are one of the winners on the list, you must hand in your ticket and obtain a copy of the claim form online. The ticket presented should be intact. In addition to the claim form, you must also attach a government-approved photo ID and passport-sized photo. The authorities will not accept tampered or broken tickets.

Weekly Draw Schedule & Names

DaysDraw Names

Draw Prize Complete Detail

1st Prize26 Lakhs
Cons. Prize1000
2nd Prize9000
3rd Prize500
4th Prize250
5th Prize120


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