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Independence Day Facts and Drawing Competition Ideas

Written by News Sateek

Independence Day Drawing Competition Ideas: many days are unique for our Country, one of which is August 15, Independence Day.

Independence Day Drawing Competition Ideas

On this day, India got freedom from the chains of slavery, but we can never forget that we didn’t get this freedom like this. Lakhs of immortal sons of this motherland sacrifice their lives to gain Independence from the chain of British Slavery on August 15, 1947.

This Independence is celebrated every year from the Red Fort to every corner of our Country. At the same time, on this auspicious occasion of the national festival, people wished their loved ones Happy Independence days and celebrated by rising national flags and many other cultural programs. 

There are some cultural programs and competitions such as Drawing, singing, dancing, speech & essay writing where children’s will get to chance to show their skills. 

Here in this post, we will give you some best Independent Drawing ideas for your children so that they can participate in the Independence Day drawing competition.

Independence Day Drawing Ideas

There is a lot of enthusiasm among the children regarding the celebration of August 15 or Independence Day. From Flag hosting to cultural programs, children are eager to participate in all these activities. From March Past to getting food coupons, the happiness of children’s minds becomes double. 

However, this time all these celebrations will not be possible in the on-going lockdown due to the prevention of Corona infection. But there are some schools and educational institutions that are trying to celebrate Independence Day online. In such a situation, children will get a chance to show their skills online. 

Many schools have planned to organize various online competitions for children on the occasion of Independence Day. In such a situation, children need to be prepared for them in advance, and parents will play the most crucial role in this. 

Parents will contribute to making the children prepare for this competition. Here you will get the five best drawing ideas for the Independent day drawing competitions, so read this entire article to get all information. 

Five best Independent Day Drawing Competition Ideas

Drawing of unity 

Drawing of unity   At the first Drawing, you can draw a drawing of unity. Which is looks like a fist of the Indian National flag. In this Drawing, you can draw a fist which means the unity of Indians. 

This Drawing explains that India is like a fist where all peoples are the same; there are no differences. 

Birds with two flags 

You can draw two white birds with Indian Flags, meaning peace and love between Indians.  

Children celebrate independence days.

In this Drawing, you can show the celebration of Independence Day in our Country by children with the flag hosting on their school. 

Flag hosting by our Army 

This Drawing shows that our protectors are like Army, Police, and the Navy is always ready to protect our Country. You can draw this painting for your drawing competition. 

Birds with Indian National Flag

You can also draw a painting of two flying birds with our national flag. This is the symbol of Independence and the peaceful environment of our Country. 

10 interesting facts about Independence Day

We all know that India is a “unity in diversity” country where people of different religions live together. Any national festival means a festival that the whole Country celebrates together. 

On India’s 75th Independence Day, here we are presenting some exciting and interesting facts related to India and Independence, which you will be proud to be your Indian by reading.

  1. Do you know that on August 7, 1906, the national flag was hoisted for the first time at Parsee Bagan Square in Calcutta? 

The flag was made up of horizontal strips of red, yellow, and green with a red stripe on top of which eight white lotuses were raised in a row. On the left side of the green strip was a white sun and a crescent moon, the same star or a star on the right.

  1. When India got Independence on August 15, 1947, the unique thing is that it did not have any national anthem. Although Rabindranath Tagore had written ‘Jana Gana Mana’ in Bengali language only in 1911, in 1950, it became the national anthem of our Country.
  2. It is said that the first version of the present national flag was made in 1921 by Pingali Venkayya at Bezwada. It was made up of two colors – red and green, which represented the two major communities.  

India’s communities and the nation

Gandhiji suggested adding a spinning wheel on a white stripe to symbolize the progress of the rest of India’s communities and the nation.

  1. On August 15, 1947, the whole Country was immersed in the celebration of Independence. Still, Gandhiji could not participate in it, as he was engaged in stopping the Hindu-Muslim riots in Calcutta at this time.
  2. On every Independence Day, the Honorable Prime Minister hoists the flag from the Red Fort, but this did not happen in 1947. 

Jawaharlal Nehru had hoisted the flag from the Red Fort on August 16.

  1. Do you know that till August 15, there was no boundary line between India and Pakistan? 

It was drawn on August 17 as the Radcliffe Line. After India gained Independence, 560 princely states were included in the Indian Union. Two others, Hyderabad and Junagadh, were captured by the Indian Army.

  1. Another interesting fact about Indian Independence is that after the Independence of India, Portugal amended its constitution and declared Goa as a Portuguese state. Indian troops attacked Goa on December 19, 1961, and annexed it to India.
  2. Do you know that India has never attacked any country in its last 100,000 years of history?
  3. August 15: Apart from India, three other countries also have Independence Day. South Korea became independent from Japan on August 15, 1945.  

Bahrain became independent from Britain on August 15, 1971, and Congo from France on August 15, 1960.

  1. On August 15, 1947, 1 rupee was equal to 1 dollar, and the price of gold was 88 rupees 62 paise per 10 grams, and on August 15, the Vir Chakra was recognized. 

 On August 15, 1972, the postal pin, which is a six-digit number, was introduced in India, and on August 15, 1982, with the speech of Indira Gandhi, color broadcasting on TV was started in India.

 So these were some important and interesting facts about Independence Day.

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