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app: Apple to allow users to delete third-party app accounts right from the app

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As part of the developer guidelines implemented by Apple at WWDC2021, iOS application the developers are supposed to offer a way to delete the account created by the users who were created to use the app.
The Cupertino-based tech giant announced on Wednesday that from January 31, 2022, app developers will have to plan for account deletion in their apps.
Although the delete account feature in the app looks small, it is extremely important given that most apps today require users to create an account to use the app.
This is often the case with most users who simply delete an app that they no longer want to use, thinking it’s the end of the relationship between them and the app. But, despite this, the account still exists on the app server and some apps even send out notifications, promotions, etc. by email or phone number, whatever the link.
With the new guidelines coming into effect from next year, app developers will have to offer the option to initiate account deletion from within the app. It is also expected that this can redirect users to a web browser to complete the process. Still, it will be an easy but important feature.
For those who don’t know, Apple is also adding a “Report a Problem” button in iOS 15, iPad OS 15 and macOS. Monterey. The feature allows users to report scams, offensive or abusive content.

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