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Explained: What is satellite internet and what it means for you

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Elon Musk already provides it. Jeff Bezos is also online to launch it. And there are also other players. Bharti Airtel also threw his hat in the ring. It means that this is a big and serious business. The “it” here is satellite internet. Musk Star link has already launched its Satellite internet service in “beta” and is used by people in some countries. Airtel also announced that its satellite internet services will be available from next year. So what is satellite internet? We explain what it means to you, how it will work and whether or not it is safe.
What is Satellite Internet?
Remember how satellite TVs work? Satellite Internet is similar in this sense. You will have a satellite dish installed in your house and the Internet is broadcast from space. There is no cable or anything required for satellite internet as it comes “straight” from satellites orbiting in space.
How does satellite internet work?
A satellite orbiting the earth communicates using radio waves. However, Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites use lasers to make it work. A communications network sends and receives data to your internet-connected device and connects via a modem and satellite dish to a satellite in space. It is then sent back to Earth to what is called the NOC or network operations centers.
How useful will satellite Internet be?
It will be convenient to connect people who live in remote or rural areas where the “ordinary” Internet cannot reach. Plus, it should offer faster speeds. The average internet speed is between 10 and 40 Mbps depending on where you live. Satellite internet promises to take it up to 300 Mbps – or at least that’s Musk promised with Starlink.
What equipment do you need for satellite internet?
You would need a few things on your end: a device that can be connected to the Internet, a modem / router, and a satellite dish. Starlink sells a “kit” consisting of a satellite dish and a router. Similar material should be provided by other players in the satellite Internet space.
If it is linked by satellite, how important is the role of the weather?
Well, quite important. For example, with a satellite dish, heavy rain or wind can sometimes disrupt your connection. The same goes for satellite internet. The FAQ page on Starlink mentions “Heavy rain or wind can also affect your satellite internet connection, potentially resulting in slower speeds or rare blackout.”
How much will it actually cost?
It’s still in early childhood so it’s not clear. However, SpaceX has revealed that the internet service will cost $ 99 per month (excluding tax) plus an additional $ 500 for the Starlink kit. So it’s an expensive proposition from now on. There are companies in the US and UK that offer plans ranging from $ 50 to $ 150 per month.
When can you expect satellite internet to launch?
Bharti Airtel said that by the middle of next year, its service could be ready. Elon Musk’s Starlink has indicated that it could launch in India, but there is no specific date or concrete plan known at this time.

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