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Google Chrome for mobile devices getting a new Page Zoom accessibility feature

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Google added new features to its Chromium Web browser. The company is currently working on a new feature called Enlarge the page, according to the mspoweruer report.
This is an accessibility feature for the mobile version of Google Chrome. The feature is expected to improve text scaling on mobile devices.
Most websites opened on Chrome mobile cause text scaling to be different and sometimes this causes a problem when showing website content.
The issue has been raised by several Chrome users on the official Chrome support forums and it looks like Google is making amends by adding the Page Zoom feature to the web browser.
What is the page zoom function
The Page Zoom feature is similar to the Zoom option on the Chrome desktop. Basically, it adjusts the content according to the zoom level set by users and remembers it. So, in the future, if a user visits a web page on the browser, they open it in the same zoom settings. The page zoom is the same functionality as for the mobile version of Chrome.
The Page Zoom feature is currently in beta testing and available in Chrome canary. It is planned to deploy on Android version of Chrome in the next stable update.
If you are a Chrome Canary user, the feature can be found under flags: // chrome -> Accessibility Page Zoom. To activate it, choose the Activate option from the drop-down menu.

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