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google: Google Assistant now works without saying ‘Hey Google’ for some users

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Some Pixels smartphone users have reportedly started to receive the new Google Assistant function called ‘Quick expressions‘which allows you to command your Android smartphone to perform certain tasks without using the’Hi Google‘trigger sentence. According to a report by XDA-Developers, the feature is found on Pixel 3 XL running Android 12 beta and Google Application version The feature must be enabled in settings and once enabled it can be used for various commands to answer calls, silence alarms and a few other basic functions.
The function puts the assistant on standby and each time you receive a call, the assistant waits for your command to “answer” or “decline” the call. Likewise, when your alarm goes off, the assistant waits for your command to say “Stop” or “Snooze”. According to the report, Google Assistant will remind you when you can ignore “Hey Google” via a small pop-up below the warning notification.
As in the previous analysis, the feature will be available on all devices, including smartphones, speakers, TVs and many more. While the company hasn’t officially revealed anything about the new feature yet, the APK report of the app decoded by 9to5Google says a lot about the update. According to the report, besides the command mentioned above, users will also be able to add specific commands as per their choice. These commands will be categorized as “Recommended”, “Alarms”, “Connect”, “General Information”, “Lights”, “Media Controls”, “Timers” and “To Do”.
So far, the feature has only been reported in Google pixel 3 XL, but it is expected that the company will roll out this feature to other smartphones soon. According to a screenshot previously shared by 9to6Google, the list of commands that will no longer require using the keyword include – set alarm, cancel alarm, turn light on and off, volume up and down, adjust the timer, family notes and many more.

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