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International day of Yoga: 7 fitness apps for iPhone users

This is International day of Yoga June 21 and Apple has a bunch of application recommendations for its users. Whether you are a regular practitioner or just someone looking for a way to get in, these apps cover almost all types of users. Here is an overview of them:
This app comes with workouts, yoga, meditation and bedtime stories that would be curated by the knowledge and experience of top neuroscientists, psychologists, musicians, authors, yoga experts, fitness and workout coaches.
This app is meant to help those who may be overwhelmed with too much online content making it difficult for them to find a place to start. It is said to offer flexible and personalized programs with daily motivation.
Claimed as one of the best apps for sleep, meditation, and relaxation, this app features guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing programs, stretching exercises, and relaxing music.
This app offers personalized fitness and weight loss plans, as well as healthy meal tracking. The app would include simple home yoga workouts lasting 7-30 minutes.
Will have
This app comes with 3 minute meditations, personalized by Artificial intelligence.
Endel is said to create custom soundscapes based on algorithms and designed to adapt to users’ immediate internal and external conditions, such as location, time zone, weather, and heart rate.
Rebellious asana
This app would include a wide range of workouts to meet different needs including weight loss to build strength, from high intensity workouts to moving meditations.

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