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Microsoft is updating its Your Phone app to offer better calling experience on Windows 11

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The Your Phone app on Windows 11 gets a new calling experience. The company has confirmed that the Your Phone app will receive a new update with the Windows 11 build 22533 which will improve the calling experience.
The update is to update the call screen visuals of the Your Phone app. The update brings a visual refresh to the app’s call dialog and a new UI for the in-call popup with a new design, icons, fonts, and more.
The entire design refresh brings the Your Phone app in line with the current Windows 11 UI theme.
It is also important to note that the overall functionality related to calls will remain the same as before.
Also note that the updated Your Phone app is currently available to Windows Insider Preview members who have installed the latest version of the Windows 11 operating system.
At this time, it’s unclear when Microsoft will roll out the updated Your Phone app to uninitiated Windows 11 users.
For those unaware, Microsoft recently updated the Your Phone app to provide a better user experience. The app has been given the new design treatment like other proprietary apps to cater to the design and aesthetics of the Windows 11 operating system.
The app now features Windows 11’s new rounded corners, a new color scheme, and an updated user interface.
As part of the design overhaul, Microsoft changed the bar’s position to the top, which allowed users to access photos, apps, calls, and messages. Additionally, the notifications panel is now pinned to the left side of the app.
In terms of functionality, things are exactly the same. Users can connect their Android phone to the app and use it to access messages, apps, notifications, calls, and photos from the smartphone directly to their Windows 11 PC.

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