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Twitter New Feature: Twitter may soon allow users to remove followers without blocking them

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NEW DELHI: Twitter is busy introducing features and settings that allow users to have a better experience. Recently, the company introduced a security feature that automatically blocks accounts sending harmful or abusive tweets to a user. Today, the social media giant began testing a new privacy tool.
Twitter has started testing a new privacy tool that allows users to remove a follower without blocking them. The company is currently testing the delete follower functionality on the web. Twitter also said that users can remove followers from the followers list on their profile page.

Users simply click on the three-dot menu next to a subscriber’s name and click “Remove Subscriber”. After that, any tweets shared by a user will no longer appear on the subscriber’s timeline. The deleted follower will then need to follow you again to see your tweets on their timeline and if you have protected tweets they will need your approval to become a follower again.
This new feature is different from blocking someone, which prevents them from seeing your tweets and sending you messages directly. On the other hand, this new feature works like an unsubscribe button.

Along with this new privacy tool, Twitter also announced that it is testing edge-to-edge media in tweets on iOS. According to a report from The Verge, “Twitter is testing change because it wants to better support both visual and text conversations.”
Twitter also shared a video about how this new feature looked.

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