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Worxpertise and Uniphore launches AI-powered business solutions

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NEW DELHI: Worxpertise has partnered with Uniphore to provide smart business solutions to enterprises. The partnership will enable worxpertise to implement the Uniphore platform for clients in India, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.
As part of the association, Worxpertise will deploy Uniphore’s interaction analysis solution, U-Analyze, for customer contact centers in order to boost agent performance and transform customer experiences with rapid solutions derived from ‘real-time information. Thanks to Uniphore’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) capabilities, worxpertise customers will have access to quality monitoring and 100% listening to customer conversations, provide a smarter quality management, drive compliance, increase revenue and reduce customer churn.
Along with this, Worxpertise will also offer additional business solutions such as intelligent conversational AI-powered self-service options, real-time assistance for agents during and after the call with automated actions such as creation of summaries and categorization of calls to reduce average handling time (AHT); and provide frictionless and continuous verification of agents.

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